Streamlines Multi-Source Order Fulfillment Like Never Before with Order Center!


We’re excited to announce the launch of our upgraded order fulfillment system – Order Center. 

This update aims to help your fulfillment process on a large volume of orders from multiple sources a lot smoother and simpler, followed by improved intuitive dashboards – more control, more clarity, and a lot less hassle!

Introducing a Brand New Interface Design

One of the major changes for this update is redesigning Zopi’s interface with the latest Polaris design. Here are some of the benefits of our new interface design:

  • Improved navigation: We’ve simplified and streamlined our app navigation to help you find what you need faster and easier.
  • Enhanced usability: We’ve optimized our app interface for different devices and screen sizes, so you can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. We’ve also improved the readability and contrast of our text, icons, and buttons.
  • Modern aesthetics: We’ve updated our app interface with a fresh and modern look. We’ve used a sleek, elegant, and minimalistic layout to create a visually appealing and engaging app experience.

Order Center: Fulfill multi-source orders effectively 

1. Main dashboard

In this update, we focused on revamping the “Orders” feature to help you handle orders from various sources, making sure that it is capable of fulfilling hundreds of orders at a time.

You can either manage each order one by one, or choose to Place order in the Action column right away if there are no errors.

Plus, we’re shaking things up by adding interactive bits, so we made it possible to choose which column you want to display and the ability to rearrange the order of the columns.

2. Order detail

In this update, you can have a complete view of the order details in its dedicated dashboard. Let’s dive deeper into what has been added:

Unmapped products: Our dashboard highlights unmapped products right at the top and you can map suppliers with line items on the same screen.

Line items based on sources group: The dynamic dashboard lets you see and manage your orders in one place, with line items sorted by sources.

Viewing orders is just the beginning! Order Center lets you adjust an order’s customer details, keeping your order shipment on track and under control.

Streamline Order Placement with Auto Backup Info

To avoid order failures due to missing customer information required by the product sources (for example, email, phone number, etc.), we’ve added settings for default and backup info. 

What do these do, exactly?

  • Order placement: Configure the information needed to place orders for each product source. Choose the preferred shipping method, leave a note to suppliers, and customize customer info.
  • Bulk order fulfillment: Simplify bulk order processing for AliExpress with predefined rules and settings.

The main purpose is to eliminate friction with automatic data filling and pre-configured settings. This means cutting down on submitting data manually, reducing errors, and making your workflow more efficient.

Order Center: Fulfill Orders from Multiple Sources with Ease

Revolutionize the way you manage orders from AliExpress, Temu, and CJDropshipping! Say goodbye to hassles and hello to streamlined workflow.

Order Center is now available on Zopi!

Experience the all-new Order Center now for streamlined ordering. Save time, reduce errors, and run your dropshipping store more efficiently. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or concerns, our support team is here for you. Reach out via live chat or email [email protected].