Discover Top Digital Dropshipping Products for Success (2024)

digital dropshipping products

Digital products are a great option for dropshipping, as they have low overhead costs, high-profit margins, and instant delivery. However, not all digital products are equally profitable or suitable for your niche and audience. 

In this article, you will learn about the hottest digital dropshipping products to sell in 2024, and the best platforms to sell them on. Whether you are looking for ebooks, courses, software, or music, you will find something that matches your interests and goals. 

Let’s start!

What Are Digital Dropshipping Products?

Digital dropshipping products refer to immaterial or “untouchable” items that can be delivered electronically or accessed online, which is powerfully convenient. 

These products are often digital files or services that can be downloaded, streamed, or accessed online. Digital products you can easily dropship include e-books, online courses, software licenses, music, videos, graphics, templates, and other digital media. 

With digital dropshipping, entrepreneurs can sell and deliver these products without worrying about overhead costs or problematic fulfillment periods. This makes dropshipping digital products a convenient and scalable option if you are a newcomer.

Digital Dropshipping Products vs Physical Dropshipping Products


Firstly, let’s discuss the basics of dropshipping, which are also the main similarities between digital and other dropshipping products. 

Generally, dropshipping is a business model that allows online retailers to be free from keeping products in stock and minimize investment. Instead, they only need to transfer customers’ orders and shipment details to their manufacturers, wholesalers, or other retailers. 

These will then ship the products directly to the customers. Based on that, the retailers have more time to focus on marketing and customer service rather than inventory management and fulfillment operations. 

With the growth of e-commerce, millions of products are sold on hundreds of online platforms, which brings sellers more options for what niches of products to put on their vendors. 


Aside from the common point, there are still a few differences between digital and other dropshipping goods you should notice. 

CriteriaDigital productsOther products
ProfitMore profit margins due to the reduced fees on shipping and producingFewer profits rate 
Product uniquenessEasy to copyMore challenging to replicate the designs
PricingMore flexibleNot flexible since it includes various types of fees
DeliveryExtremely fast Needing more time for the order fulfillment periods
ScalabilityEasy to scaleAlso easy to scale up
Product storageHardly to be out of stockAlways needing time to re-stock
Producing timeRequiring less time to produce or re-stock the ordersRequiring more time to re-stock products/goods 

Other than the listed information, both digital and physical products have their signature drawbacks, such as the competition in the industry or the difficulties in keeping their products legal. 

For example, digital dropshipping products usually encounter problems related to typical restrictions (about geography, age, or else) and regulations. 

The Best Digital Dropshipping Products To Start In 2023

No more waiting, below are my most recommended digital products for you to sell in 2023. Don’t miss out! 

  1. Ebooks
  2. Audiobooks
  3. Fonts
  4. Digital templates
  5. Online courses
  6. Downloadable prints
  7. Artwork

1. Ebooks

With the growing popularity of e-readers and digital reading platforms, selling e-books in various genres can be profitable. Some other advantages of this genre of products are: 

  • Able to sell anytime, anywhere, and on demand
  • Possibility to sell unlimited copies with minimal effort or cost. Because of that, you can quickly expand your reach and scale your business as your sales grow.
  • With extended sell-by date, ebooks can continue to be sold for years, providing long-term passive income.
  • More cost-effective marketing strategies are available as you can focus on digital marketing methods and avoid traditional advertising expenses.

Moreover, the Statista Digital Market Outlook also estimates the revenue of the ebook market can reach 18.7 billion dollars in 2026. What an impressive number!

2. Audiobooks

An audiobook is a digital or physical recording of a book read aloud. People enjoy listening to audiobooks as they can “read” books while doing other daily tasks, such as driving or exercising. 

Nowadays, audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular since more people find time for them, and they offer convenient yet healthy entertainment. Besides, these unique digital products are available for all ages and don’t have the sell-by dates, which help extend your customer list

Audiobook is also easy to sell. You can consider selling your products through Amazon dropshipping, iTunes, or other audio-supported apps. 

3. Fonts

The online market for fonts is growing, but the competition is still much lower than in most other markets. A unique or well-designed font library can easily stand out from the competition and generate a significant revenue stream. 

On the other hand, selling online fonts requires minimal customer support. Many marketplaces have built-in systems for customer support (such as Shopify or Alibaba), which eliminates the need for developers to provide customer support themselves. 

Also, the product is delivered instantly so there is little time to wait and no need for physical storage or shipping. The expansion potential is nothing to be concerned about because scaling up a business is possible with inexpensive overhead costs and minimum marketing.

4. Digital Templates

Digital templates are pre-designed assets that can be quickly customized and used to create digital products, such as social media graphics, eBooks, courses, and slideshows.

Buying and employing these can save users time and effort by providing a foundation for their projects and allowing them to focus on content creation and customization rather than designing their templates from scratch. That leads to the speedy development of this type of digital product. 

Otherwise, selling digital templates can provide an ongoing flow of money for years to come with minimum effort. The profit margins are also better than other items since it has low production costs and can be sold at a premium price.

5. Online Courses 

The demand for online learning continues to rise after the COVID-19 situation and the worldwide quarantine, making digital courses on topics like personal development, business, technology, and creative skills highly sought after. 

Now, you only need to contact professionals who can offer courses related to the majors or topics you need. Here are the most famous course ideas for you: 

  • Meditations
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Sewing
  • Photography
  • Dancing 
  • Copywriting
  • Gym/Bodybuilding
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design

Of course, there are still many great topics that you might be interested in, yet these are some of the most prevalent ones in case you still have no idea where you should start first. 

6. Downloadable Prints

Downloadable prints are art or graphic designs that can be downloaded/printed by the buyer and are often sold as digital files, such as PDFs or EPS files. Buyers can ask for multiple designs, such as wall art, stationery, wedding invitations, and more.

This niche of digital dropshipping also offers sellers various benefits, just as some previously mentioned types (for example, massive passive income, potential scalability, easy customization, low pricing/entry cost, and so on). 

Especially, if you want to dropship downloadable prints, Etsy is the most suggested e-commerce platform for you. 

7. Artwork

Since digital artwork doesn’t require physical materials like paper or plastic to create or distribute. This also means that your business can have a lower environmental impact than if you were selling physical products.

Moreover, dropshipping digital artwork gives you the flexibility to sell multiple products without having to store or handle physical inventory. In case you want to do some research about things-to-sell, you should consider logos, card designs, or animations.

Lastly, another good thing is that you can straightforwardly add or delete products from your platform without worrying about storage or disposal costs.

How To Sell Digital Products Online?

After choosing the proper products that can genuinely assist you in earning more money, it’s time to opt for a suitable e-commerce platform to collaborate with. I promise the four below will be good for you in the future. 

1. Sell On eBay

  • Pros: Diverse selling formats (auctions, fixed-price), large buyer base (185 million active users).
  • Cons: Requires accurate product descriptions, competition can be fierce.
  • Best for: E-books, software, NFTs, and online courses.

eBay is a popular online marketplace where anyone (from individuals to bigger businesses) can buy and sell products. It provides a trustworthy platform for sellers to reach global customers and for buyers to find unique items at competitive prices. 

When it comes to dropshipping digital products on eBay, the process is slightly different. Instead of physically shipping physical items, sellers can list digital products such as e-books, software, NFTs, or online courses on their eBay store. 

Once a buyer makes a purchase, the seller can deliver the digital product directly to the buyer through email or a download link. Based on that, sellers must ensure they have the necessary rights and licenses to sell their wanted products.

More importantly, an eBay seller should never forget to accurately describe the product in the listing to avoid potential issues.

2. Sell On Amazon

  • Pros: Extensive reach (300 million active users), established reputation, convenient for Kindle e-books.
  • Cons: Requires seller account, adherence to strict policies, and competition from other dropshippers.
  • Best for: E-books, software, online courses.

Not many people notice, but Amazon was founded in 1994 and initially started as an online bookstore. Time flies, and now it is an e-commerce giant offering a vast selection of products, from physical goods to digital items.

About dropshipping digital products on Amazon, you can conveniently leverage the platform’s extensive reach and customer base. However, don’t forget the first step of creating a seller account and listing your digital items in the appropriate category. 

Once a buyer makes a purchase, the suppliers or sellers can deliver the digital product directly to the buyer through email or a download link. It’s essential to comply with Amazon’s policies and guidelines regarding digital products because you won’t want to miss any of the necessary rights and licenses for the products you sell. 

3. Sell On Etsy

  • Pros: Focus on handmade and personalized products, strong visual presentation, vibrant community of sellers and buyers.
  • Cons: Primarily known for physical crafts, limited download file types.
  • Best for: E-books, craft templates, design resources, printables.

Etsy is also a great e-commerce platform for dropshipping because it has over 76 million active buyers across the globe, providing a significant potential customer base for dropshippers. 

From the beginning, this platform has already performed a unique e-commerce approach, making it a popular choice for small business owners, crafters, and small artists. 

On the other hand, Etsy offers a variety of tools and resources that make it easy for sellers to set up and manage their shops, including listing tools, personalized advice, and a community of fellow sellers.

With lots of visually rich items and variable digital download file types (txt, .doc, .gif, .jpeg, .mobi, ePUB, .iBook, .stl, etc.), Etsy continues to mark its difference compared to Amazon. All in all, if you want to sell handmade crafts and digital products with better display quality, find Etsy!

4. Sell On Clickbank 

  • Pros: Large network of affiliate programs, proven track record for digital product sales, strong support for downloads.
  • Cons: Primarily a marketplace for others’ products, requires a different dropshipping approach.
  • Best for: Established dropshippers with a strong marketing network.

Renowned for its ability to offer sellers tons of affiliate programs and support their downloads, Clickbank has maintained its top position when it comes to exchanging digital goods for a long time. 

However, your task here is a bit different from usual. Instead of listing your digital products on their massive marketplace, you’ll drop ship others’ works there. Clickbank’s network is highly beneficial since it can help boost sales and solve payment issues. 

Recommended tutorial for how to sell digital products from Shopify:

Final Word

You have just learned about the hottest digital dropshipping products that are trending right now. These products are not only easy to sell, but also easy to deliver, as you don’t have to worry about shipping, inventory, or packaging. 

All you need is a reliable supplier and a captivating online store. Whether you want to sell ebooks, courses, software, or music, there is a niche for you in the digital dropshipping world.