Introducing Integration Market: Save Time & Money with Value-Added Add-ons

Zopi V6.1.1 Integration Market

We are thrilled to introduce Integration Market – an exclusive add-on collection that provides extra features that can help you optimize your dropshipping business and invest in the tools that truly benefit you. 

This is a valuable resource for achieving greater success and offers a world of optional features that can be easily activated or deactivated on the fly.

Add-onsDescriptionPricingAvailable on Plan
FreeStarterBasicAdvanced & Premium
AI WritingGenerate SEO-ready product content with just one click$3.9/monthIncluded in planIncluded in plan
Product InsightGain in-depth product details and additional datasets$2.9/month
Market TrackingAuto-suggest suppliers’ and competitors’ prices$4.9/monthIncluded in plan
Cashback settingsEarn money back on every AliExpress order$9.9/monthIncluded in plan
Product CopyCopy any store product to your store with all content, variants & imagesComing soon in V6.1.2
Tracking CenterTrack all orders’ delivery status with real-time updatesComing soon in V6.1.2

Supercharge Your Productivity with Product Insight + 3 New Add-ons!

In this update, the Integration tab will be added to the menu, and you will get access to 4 integrations, including AI Writing, Product Insight, Market tracking, and Cashback (with 3 more available in V6.1.2).

Let’s dive further into details of each integration:

1. AI Writing

AI Writing is your one-click solution to generating SEO-ready content that boosts sales and saves you time on content creation.

  • Generate SEO-ready product descriptions with one-click using AI Writing
  • Improve search engine visibility effortlessly with SEO-optimized content
  • Free up your time for important business tasks
Pricing Options

Monthly recurring: $3.9/month
(*) This integration is already included in Plan: Basic, Advanced, Premium

2. Product Insight

Go beyond basic details and gain an in-depth understanding of your products with extensive information and datasets, including Top country, Stores selling, Median selling price, and Potential profit.

  • Identify trends and patterns to optimize your product lineup.
  • Make informed, data-driven decisions on pricing, marketing, and inventory management.
  • Gain a competitive edge through a deeper understanding of your products and customers.
Pricing Options

Monthly recurring: $2.9/Month

3. Market Tracking 

With Market Tracking, you can receive timely suggestions of your competitors’ and suppliers’ pricing to help you make informed pricing decisions.

  • Automated competitor and supplier pricing suggestions 
  • Identify and track key market trends
  • Leverage real-time market data to optimize pricing, sourcing, and inventory management.
Pricing Options

Monthly recurring: $3.9/month
(*) This integration is already included in Plan: Advanced & Premium

4. Cashback

Cashback, powered by Admittad, allows you to get a portion of your money back on every AliExpress order, effectively turning your everyday purchases into rewards.

  • Earn cashback on every AliExpress order
  • Effortlessly track your earnings
  • Redeem rewards with ease
Pricing Options

Monthly recurring: $9.9/month

5. Product Copy (coming soon)

Product Copy is your solution for duplicating products from any other store. This feature ensures an error-free copy process, whether it’s the product description, variants, or images.

6. Tracking Center (coming soon)

Tracking Center can help you view the current status of all your orders with real-time updates, eliminating the need to visit multiple carrier websites.

Integration Market: Boost Your Productivity and Profitability with Powerful Add-Ons!

Explore the Integration Market and enhance your dropshipping experience with powerful integrations!

Integration Market is now available on Zopi!

Visit Integration Market today and explore a collection of cost-effective add-ons that perfectly complement your specific needs without breaking the bank. Activate or deactivate as your business evolves, investing only in the features that truly matter.

If you have any questions or concerns, our support team is here for you. Reach out via live chat or email [email protected].