Meet ‘Product Center’: Manage Product Listings In One Unified Dashboard

zopi product center

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Product Center, a centralized hub designed for managing your entire product listing journey. 

Product Center is packed with powerful features designed to simplify and conquer your listing workflow. Streamline data management, automate tedious tasks with rule-based criteria, and gain real-time insights with comprehensive analytics.

Product Center: A Combination of Import List & Products

Previously, managing your dropshipping business on Zopi required navigating three separate features: Import List, Products, and Orders. While these offered basic functionality, there were gaps in efficiency and integration, things could get clunky and data management felt disjointed.

Recognizing this challenge, we’ve built new tools and insights to help you optimize product listings and pricing. Today, we’re excited to announce a major app update, introducing Product Center: a unified hub that combines the capabilities of Import List and Products.

How Product Center Works

From the menu, select Product Center:

Product Center on Zopi menu

Product Center allows you to manage Imported and Listed Products (both mapped and unmapped with suppliers) from one dashboard. This update gives you more opportunities to enhance your business flow and productivity.

  • Import products from various sources: Easily integrate winning products from your preferred suppliers and marketplaces from AliExpress, Temu, and CJDropshipping (coming soon).
  • Edit product details and variants: Use AI assistance to fine-tune product information and set up variants easily.
  • Tracking & Update: Choose the best suppliers and keep your product stock, variants, and prices updated automatically based on your preferences.

Product Content Made Easy with Product Editor

Product Editor allows you to edit your product information with ease before pushing it to your sales channel. You can also make changes to your product information whenever you want, even when it’s already live in the store.

Product Editor is a major update from earlier versions of Zopi, including new AI-integrated features:

  • AI Writing: Create captivating content (title, description, SEO content) with AI assistance
  • Optimize images: Reduce image size (convert to WebP) and add your logo for branding individual or in bulk
AI Writing and Optimize Images in Product Editor - Product Center

Product Editor is designed to centralize your variants management. You can edit (add/remove/ update) variants directly from the app without having to switch back to Shopify.

  • Imported editor: Adjust supplier variants before pushing to store
Adjust supplier variants before pushing to store - Product Center
  • Listed editor: Modify variants listing after pushing to sales channels
Modify variants listing after pushing to sales channels - Product Center
  • Split product allows you to take a variant from a certain product and push it to your store as a new product listing. You have the option to retain or update the information of the variant.
Split product - Product Center

As a plus, you can save the source of the current suppliers to quickly import more products from them.

Update Supplier: Map and Replace your Suppliers in Minutes 

Product Center offers two convenient options for managing your product listings when supplier changes occur:

  • Remap variants with the current supplier:

This option allows you to adjust your existing product variants so they align with the supplier’s updated offerings, which is especially useful when new variants are added, or existing ones are changed.

Remap variants with the current supplier - Product Center
  • Change to a new supplier:

If you’ve found a new supplier who offers better cost, quality, or other benefits, Product Center makes the switch easier. Just provide the new supplier’s product link, and Product Center will manage the necessary updates to your listings.

Change to a new supplier - Product Center

Zopi Omni Dropship

Manage your Product Listings in a Snap with Product Center

Import quality products from reliable suppliers, optimize and manage product listings within a unified dashboard, and push them on sales channels error-free.

Product Center is Now Available on Zopi!

Whether you want to import products from various sources, edit product details and variants, track and update your product information, split products into new listings, or change your suppliers, Product Center has you covered. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your dropshipping business to the next level. Try Product Center today and see the difference for yourself.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact support via live chat or email [email protected].