Expert’s Choice Collection: Premium Dropshipping Products Handpicked by Experts

expert choice dropshipping products collection zopi

Ever found yourself scrolling through hundreds of products and thousands of product insights or data, not knowing which one to pick?

If that’s your case, Zopi’s got your back. With this new update, we’re rolling out Expert Choice collection – a potential dropshipping products collection handpicked by experts everyday.

Let’s dig deeper to see what you can get from it.

What is Expert Choice in Zopi?

Expert choice is basically a predicted-to-be-winning dropshipping products collection, this collection is carefully handpicked by our internal dropshipping experts with more than 5 years experiences.

Think of it as your daily dose of product inspiration, enriched with in-depth insights into crucial selling points, profit forecasts, and market dynamics, providing a holistic understanding of each product’s market viability.

Where can you find Expert choice in Zopi?

  • Go to the Zopi app from your Shopify app store dashboard
  • Navigate to the Find Product tab
  • Find the “Winning product collection” banner and click on it


A little breakdown of what Expert Choice has to offer

01. A visual-focus interface

We’ve built a brand-new interface and layout, designed with user-friendly navigation and product image focus at its core. It might give off Pinterest vibes at first glance but it’s actually packed with potential dropshipping gems just waiting for you to explore and sell.

We understand the fierce competition in the online market and the need to stand out. That’s why our updated interface highlights eye-catching product visuals, expertly showcasing features and benefits in a realistic and appealing manner.

And here’s the kicker: these feature videos/images are crafted by our experts, ready for you to use as marketing materials!

These visuals do more than just grab attention—they establish a positive emotional connection, nudging potential customers towards making a purchase. Research even suggests that images can boost conversion rates by up to 329%! That’s why we view our images not just as a nice touch, but as an essential ingredient for driving sales success for our dropshippers.

02. Product detail dashboard with in-depth analytics

Our revamped product detail dashboard is packed with powerful insights to quickly analyze and make data-driven decisions on the product’s potential. 

Here’s a rundown of what you’ll receive: 

  • Product key selling points: Learn what sets each product apart from the expert’s point of view. The Key Selling Points section showcases the features and benefits that the experts regard as the most outstanding, as well as what makes the product sell.
  • Potential Ratings + Description: Gain a clear understanding of the market performance with Potential Ratings based on profit margin, competition, and shipping. Then, convert browsers into buyers with SEO-optimized descriptions featuring product details and benefits.
  • Market Insights: A comprehensive overview of the product’s competitors, including their top countries, top sellers, and saturation points.
  • Demand and Popularity: Is this product a global sensation or a local favorite? This section reveals order volume trends and buyer locations, giving you the inside scoop on customer preferences and hidden growth potential.
demand and popularity of products in expert choice
  • Keyword Related and Matched Ads: A list of relevant keywords and ads that can help you optimize your SEO and marketing campaigns for the product.
  • You may also like: A smart algorithm that suggests related products based on your current searches. For example, if you search for fashion products, you will see recommendations from the same niche.

Expert’s Choice: Premium Product Collection Handpicked by Industry Experts

Be among the first to experience the power of Expert’s Choice and gain a competitive edge in the dropshipping world!

Tips to Get the Most out of Expert’s Choice

1. Stay in the loop with Daily check-ins

Make it a habit to swing by the Expert’s Choice daily. 5 new, expert-curated products are added regularly—keeping you in the loop and uncovering fresh opportunities. 

2. Get the Big Picture with Market Insights:

Take a deep dive into the analytics for each product. Understand why a product is chosen, its unique selling points, and potential profits. This insider knowledge gives you a strategic advantage in your dropshipping business.

3. Boost Visibility with SEO Optimization:

Explore the Keyword Related and Matched Ads sections to optimize your SEO game. This information identifies SEO potential and serves as a playbook for crafting effective advertising campaigns.

Expert’s Choice is now available on Zopi!

No more guesswork, Expert’s Choice delivers 5 curated gems daily, each packed with in-depth data and insights. Analyze potential ratings, market trends, competitor landscapes, and even SEO keywords. 

Ready to unlock your dropshipping potential and skyrocket your success? Dive into Expert’s Choice today!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact support via live chat, or email [email protected]