AliExpress Order Tracking Guide: All You Need To Know (2023)

AliExpress Order Tracking

Whether you’re an ardent shopper or a business owner who’s currently dropshipping on AliExpress, you must always keep track of your orders and ensure that they are delivered on time. 

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about AliExpress order tracking to help you satisfy your buying and buyer experience. 

📌 Key takeaway:
1. AliExpress order tracking is crucial for both shoppers and dropshipping businesses, offering real-time insights into package location, delivery estimates, and shipping statuses.
2. Users must differentiate between AliExpress Order Numbers and Tracking Numbers, with the latter being essential for monitoring the shipping process.
3. The article provides a user-friendly guide on how to track AliExpress orders, ensuring a straightforward process for both new and experienced online shoppers.
4. Recommendations for third-party tracking websites like Packageradar, 17track, and the use of platforms like Zopi (formerly AliOrders) to provide users with extra tools for enhanced tracking and efficient order management.

What Is AliExpress Order Tracking?

AliExpress order tracking is a system that provides vital information such as the current location of your package, the estimated time of delivery, and any updates on its shipping status to help you track your package. 

With AliExpress order tracking, so that you can keep track of your orders, ensure that they arrive on time, and take appropriate action if there are any delays or issues.

AliExpress Order Number vs AliExpress Tracking Number

Diving through this article, we’ll meet two main terms: AliExpress Order Number and AliExpress Express Tracking Number. Do not confuse your order number with your tracking number. An AliExpress order number only identifies as the number of the order of the item you purchased and it cannot be used for your AliExpress order tracking purposes. 

Here’s a comparison table to help you understand the key differences between the two:

AliExpress Order NumberAliExpress Tracking/Parcel Number
A unique identification number is assigned to your order when you make a purchase.The tracking number is assigned to your package once it has been shipped.
Does not provide information on the status or location of your package.Allows you to monitor the status and location of your package throughout the shipping process.
Can be found on your order details page and in your order confirmation email.Can be found in your shipping confirmation email and on the shipping page of your AliExpress account.
Used to reference your order when contacting AliExpress customer service.Used to track your package through the shipping process.

How To Track AliExpress Order? 

1. How To Track Your Order Status?

Now, let’s talk about how you can track an AliExpress order. It is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps:

  1. The first one is to log in to your AliExpress account. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one.
  2. Once you’re logged in, go to the top right corner of the website and click on “My Orders.”
  3. A list of your recent orders will appear. Find the order you want to track and click on the “Track Order” button next to it.
  1. You will be taken to the shipping page, where you can view the status of your package. You’ll see information such as the date the package was shipped, the estimated delivery date, and the current location of the package.

AliExpress Order Status Terms Explained:

Here are explanations of all the AliExpress order status terms for those who’s new to AliExpress:

  • Awaiting Payment: Your order has been placed, but payment has not yet been received. You need to complete the payment process for your order to be processed and shipped.
  • Processing: Your payment has been received, and your order is being processed by the seller. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the seller and the item.
  • Shipped: Your order has been shipped and is on its way to you. You can track your package using the tracking number provided.
  • Delivered: Your package has been delivered to the address provided. Make sure to check your mailbox, porch, or neighbors in case the package was left there.
  • Canceled: Your order has been canceled, either by you or by the seller. If you cancel the order, you should receive a refund. If the seller canceled the order, they should provide an explanation and/or a refund.
  • Refunded: Your payment has been refunded, either in part or in full. The refund may take a few days to process and show up in your account.

Alternatively, if you are using the AliExpress app, you can track your order by following these steps:

  1. Open the AliExpress app and log in to your account.
  2. Tap on “My Orders” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap on the orders you want to track.
  4. This will take you to the order details page. Tap on “Track Order” to view the status of your package.

2. How To Track Your Orders’ Packaging/Parcel Status?

The tracking number, also known as a tracking code or tracking ID, is a unique identifier assigned to each parcel in an order. Whether it’s a single parcel or multiple packages, each order has its distinct tracking code for easy identification.

AliExpress tracking numbers usually begin with “LP”, followed by a series of numbers and letters (for example, LP123456789CN). While the format may be similar for other codes, the numbers are always different, even if the orders are from the same shop.

AliExpress Tracking Number Example
Examples of AliExpress tracking numbers by Ship24h

If a seller provides the same tracking number for multiple orders, it can lead to confusion and incorrect tracking information. In such cases, it is recommended to contact the seller with AliExpress message to clarify the situation and obtain the correct tracking information for your specific order.

2.1. Find Your AliExpress Tracking Number

To find your AliExpress tracking number, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your AliExpress account and click on “My Orders.”
  2. Find the order you want to track and click on “Track Order.”
  3. Your tracking number will be displayed on the shipping page.

2.2. Track Your AliExpress Package Location

Once you have your tracking number, you can track your AliExpress package location. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the shipping page by clicking on “Track Order” in your AliExpress account.
  2. Enter your tracking number in the search bar and click “Track.”
  3. You will see the current location of your package and its shipping status.

List of AliExpress Shipment Status

  • Package information received
  • Preliminary customs declaration
  • Package still not accepted
  • Package canceled
  • Package accepted
  • Package has left the acceptance point
  • Package in transit
  • In transit – Arrived at the waypoint
  • In transit – Departed waypoint
  • In transit – Departed international transit center
  • Arrived at the customs office of departure country
  • Preparing to depart to the country of destination
  • Departed customs office of departure country
  • Exported from the departure country
  • Imported to the country of destination
  • Arrived at customs
  • Customs clearance in progress
  • Customs clearance refused
  • Customs duties applied to package
  • Customs clearance denied
  • Customs clearance complete
  • Package in transit to destination city
  • Arrived at destination facility
  • Arrived at the office of destination
  • Package is ready for pick-up
  • Package is being prepared for delivery
  • Package has left the office for delivery
  • Package delivered
  • Delivery attempt failed
  • Package will be returned to the sender
  • Package returned to the sender
  • Package was recycled
  • Problem occurred in transit
  • Tracking number has been changed
  • Transferred to the local postal service

👉 Other possible status you might need to know! 

By tracking your parcel number, you can monitor the status and location of your package throughout the shipping process and take appropriate action if there are any delays or issues. 

What is AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking?

AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking is a reliable and affordable option for shipping packages internationally, particularly for those who are looking for a budget-friendly shipping option.

  • Packages are shipped from China and transferred to the local postal service in the destination country for delivery.
  • Delivery usually takes 15 -45 business days depending on the destination country and any customs or import regulations that may apply.
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping is a reliable and affordable shipping option that is often cheaper than other shipping methods.
  • Customers can access regular tracking updates through the AliExpress website or third-party tracking websites to monitor their packages and ensure on-time delivery.

AliExpress Standard Shipping Tracking is offered to numerous countries worldwide. Some examples include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, etc. You can check the AliExpress website for a complete list of countries where AliExpress Standard Shipping is available.

Overall, the offered method from AliExpress is a great shipping option for those who are looking for a reliable, affordable, and convenient way to ship packages internationally. Whether you are an AliExpress dropshipping business owner looking to save money on shipping costs or an individual who wants to order products from overseas, AliExpress Standard Shipping is definitely worth considering.

Bonus Tips

Besides the AliExpress order tracking tool itself, another resource you can use is Zopi (formerly AliOrders), the ultimate automated dropshipping platform that can submit the order information to AliExpress and automatically place the orders for you. After that, you can track AliExpress orders straight from the platform (for Basic users only).

Other options are third-party tracking websites such as Packageradar or 17track. These websites allow you to track your AliExpress package using the tracking number provided by the seller. They also provide additional information about the package’s journey, such as the package’s current location and any customs clearance issues.

Final Words

Besides, the AliExpress website, don’t forget those third-party tracking websites, and customer service options so that you can stay informed about your order’s progress and ensure that your package arrives on time.

Even though AliExpress order tracking can be unnerving at first, especially if you are new to online shopping or may be unfamiliar with the AliExpress platform. But with this article, we hope that you’ve had the right resources and support to turn it into a straightforward process.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have lost your AliExpress tracking number, you can try the following:

  • Check your AliExpress account: Your tracking number should be available in your account under “My Orders” and “Track Order.”
  • Check your email: AliExpress sends a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number to your registered email address.
  • Contact the seller: If you cannot find your tracking number, contact the seller and ask for it.

Hate to give you the bad news! Currently, there is no possible method to track an AliExpress package without a tracking number. If you have lost your tracking number, try the steps outlined above to locate it. If it’s still nowhere, contact the seller for assistance.

There could be several reasons why your AliExpress tracking number isn’t working. Some possible reasons include:

  • Your package hasn’t been shipped yet.
  • Your package is in transit and hasn’t been scanned by the carrier yet.
  • Your package was delivered, but the carrier hasn’t updated the tracking information yet.
  • Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.

If you’re having trouble with your tracking number, you can contact AliExpress customer service for assistance

If you suspect that you have been given the fake AliExpress tracking number, you need to contact the seller and ask for a valid tracking number. If the seller is unresponsive or unwilling to provide a valid tracking number, you must open a dispute with AliExpress customer service so that they will investigate the issue and work with you to resolve it and protect your benefits.