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Frequently asked questions
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How do I install the Zopi Chrome Extension?
To install the Zopi Chrome Extension, go to the Chrome Web Store, and find "Zopi: AliExpress & Temu Product Importer"
Then, click on the 'Add to Chrome' button, and when a pop-up appears, confirm the installation by selecting 'Add extension'.
Once installed, the Zopi Chrome Extension icon will appear on your Google Chrome tab bar and on the bottom left of the AliExpress website.
How do I find winning products using extension?
To find winning products using the extension, you can utilize its features to analyze millions of AliExpress products.
The extension provides valuable data such as order volume, estimated profit, and in-depth product analysis. You can view top-rated suppliers and use powerful product filters to tailor your search to specific requirements.
Additionally, it offers competitor tracking, allowing you to discover best-selling products and track sales over time, which can help you identify profitable products for your niche.
How does Zopi extension work on Shopify Stores?
The extension works on Shopify stores by providing a comprehensive analysis of competitors’ stores. It displays information such as best-selling products, business performance, and identifies suppliers on AliExpress.
Key features include viewing product lists and details, tracking orders and sales performance, accessing an ads library, and getting an overview of store themes and social channels.
Additionally, it allows for market research and the export of best-selling products as CSV files. This tool is particularly useful for dropshippers to gain insights and make informed decisions
How do I place orders automatically with Zopi extension?
To place orders automatically with the Zopi extension, you need to log into your Zopi account and navigate to the ‘Order Center’ and then the ‘To Order’ tab.
Select the order you wish to fulfill and on the order details page, choose ‘Order via Chrome Extension’ and click ‘Place Order’.
A new AliExpress tab will open, showing that the order is being processed. After checking the shipping address and method, you can complete the payment.
The order will then be updated to ‘Awaiting Shipment’ status on Zopi, and the tracking code will be synced to your Shopify store.