Import, list and fulfill effortlessly with automation
Elevate your dropshipping workflow with our all-in-one automated solution. We streamline your operations, from product discovery to error-free order fulfillment. Easy, fast, and efficient!
" The user interface is super intuitive, making it easy to find and import products. This is a must for my dropshipping business. "
Marcus M.
Dropshipping Expert
Get your products from the best suppliers
Zopi supports numerous reliable global dropshipping suppliers. Source and import products from the world’s most prominent suppliers
Quickly find & import winning products
Easily discover and import high-potential products to skyrocket your sales with our advanced product-finding features.
Multi-sources in one place
Streamline your sourcing by accessing multiple source like AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping, and Temu from a single dashboard.
Product monitoring with auto update
Stay updated effortlessly. Monitor product prices and stock levels across channels with our automatic updates feature.
Find & match suppliers
Connect with top-quality suppliers easily. Our tool helps you find suppliers with the best products, prices, and shipping times.
Prep dropship-ready items with ease
All products are consolidated into a single center, where their content can be tailored using A.I to meet your requirements
A.I Description writing
Craft compelling product descriptions in seconds with A.I. Generate captivating product descriptions that spark inteterest and boost conversions.
A.I Find images
Enhance your product listings with beautiful images. Our A.I-powered tool makes it easy to find and optimize high-quality product images.
Auto selling price settings
Automatically update selling prices based on product cost with just one simple setup. Save time and maintain profitability effortlessly.
Split & merge variants
Quickly split or add product variants to match market demands, enhancing flexibility and sales potential.
Fulfill 100s orders within clicks
Efficiently place your orders with our user-friendly and rapid order fulfillment system, designed to simplify your operations.
Cashback supported
Enjoy automatic cashback on successful orders. Earn a percentage back every time you place an order, boosting your savings effortlessly.
Process orders in bulk
Streamline your workflow with our bulk order processing. Quickly handle multiple orders at once, reducing manual ordering time significantly.
Track shipments with real-time updates
Monitor your shipments effectively with real-time updates. Our tracking system helps you manage orders easily and keep customers informed.
Shipping method pre-selection
Set up automated shipping methods for suppliers‘ orders based on countries
Automated order status updates
No more manually sync via Chrome Extension. Everything is automated
Auto sync tracking numbers
Auto-sync tracking numbers from suppliers and update to sales channel
Start unlocking the power of automated dropshipping
Hustle-free setup. Cancel anytime
Pricing options
This can help boost your average order value and improve your conversion rate
US $9.9/mo.
Or US $69.3/yr and save $49.5
Order processed
150 orders/ month
Product imported and mapped to supplier
30 products
Price/ stock tracking
3 products
Mapped to suppliers
300 products/ month

All FREE plus:
  • Product's order history
  • Bulk product editing & listing
US $19.9/mo.
Or US $139.3/yr and save $99.5
Order processed
Product imported and mapped to supplier
150 products
Price/ stock tracking
15 products
Mapped to suppliers
5,000 products/ month
All STATER plus:
  • A.I product description writing
  • AI product image finder
  • Bulk image formating (compress, add store logo)
US $49.9/mo.
Or US $349.3/yr and save $249.5
Order processed
Product imported and mapped to supplier
500 products
Price/ stock tracking
50 products
Mapped to suppliers
50,000 products/ month
All BASIC plus:
  • Auto set prices base on conditions
  • Product source optimizer
  • Bulk placing orders
  • Bulk importing tracking number
  • Cashback support
Frequently asked questions
Highlighting your strengths is important. Let's offer potential customers a clear view of what sets you apart from the competition.
What is Zopi Omni Dropship?
Zopi Omni Dropship (formerly Ali Orders), is an ultimate automated dropshipping solution designed to streamlines your search by offering access to thousands of products from popular platforms like AliExpress, Temu, and CJ Dropshipping.
From product discovery to order processing, our platform empowers you to scale your business efficiently.
Can I use the app for free?
Yes, Zopi offers a Free plan that you can use to get started with dropshipping. This plan allows you to explore some of the basic features of the app.
What products can I access with Omni Dropship?
With Zopi, you have access to millions of potential products from popular platforms like AliExpress, Temu, and CJ Dropshipping directly within the app. This vast selection includes a variety of categories, allowing you to explore and identify trending products or best-sellers based on latest orders, customer reviews, and built-in product insights.
What do I do after someone orders from my website?
When new orders come in, Zopi will synchronize them to the Order Center. You can place a single order or a large volume of orders from multiple sources to your linked suppliers and then pay for them, which saves you a lot of time and energy.
In addition, Zopi order status and tracking numbers auto-sync to keep you away from manual tasks.
Should I try Dropship partners service?
Absolutely! Trying out the Dropship partners service could be a game-changer for your dropshipping business. It offers 1-on-1 guidance, connects you with reliable suppliers, and provides 24/7 support to help you navigate any challenges.
Plus, it's a one-time payment for lifetime access, making it a valuable investment in your long-term success.