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Frequently asked questions
Highlighting your strengths is important. Let's offer potential customers a clear view of what sets you apart from the competition.
What is Zopi?
Zopi is an automated dropshipping solution that helps dropshippers who want to increase their efficiency by getting more jobs done with less effort.
How much does it cost to become a partner with Zopi?
No cost involved. You don’t have to pay any upfront fees to become a Zopi partner.
How do i receive a commission?
You can receive your commission via your registered payment information. All your information will be kept confidential according to our privacy policy.
What is the best way to refer clients?
Simply use the channels that you’re most comfortable with.
Do I have to be a Zopi user to become a partner?
Not at all. But it would be highly appreciated if you do. Understanding the product will help you better decide which partner program is your best fit.