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An insightful research tool that do research dropship products, competitors & the market to determine the finest products to sell.
" A game-changing tool to shorten my researching time, all data within the palm of your hand. "
Omega Chu
Golden Cloud Founder - Dropshipping Expert
Achieve new ideas with just 30 minutes a day
Identify the most profitable products for every niche and make merchants' dropshipping journey easier
Log into your Zopi Researcher and start your free trial with all available tools
Choose your favorite way to start, from getting market insights to ads spying
Add your finding to collection, track your progress along the way and have fun
Hunt potential winning & trending products
Pinpoint products that align your criteria with access to million of Shopify, AliExpress, CJ... product data, you can gain valuable information such as orders volume, estimated profit, and more.
Insightful metrics
Customer's feedbacks, shipping information, list of similar suppliers and more will be included in every product detail that you can get. From there, you can decide whether to pick or not.
Expert's choice
Our experts undergo a rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the best options are listed.
TikTok & Facebook ads spy
Access to tons of ads ideas to see how other dropshippers promote their products.
Reveal how your competitors make millions
Just a click, you can now reveal almost any store's best sellers, new products, apps used, theme, ads, and much more!
Competitors library
Simply pick from our pre-selected library, or add store’s URL & get all store’s hidden data
Traffic insights
Discover store's website traffic sources including visitors, page views, channel etc
Product analysis
Determine product trends to see how your competitors' product strategy
Live sales tracking
Reveal daily revenue estimates and unit sales figures for up to 3 consecutive days
Top selling products
Monitor best selling to find out what’s your competitors actually doing now to drive sales
App detector
see what apps any Shopify store is using in just 1-click
Start hunting your potential winning product
Hustle-free setup. Cancel anytime
Pricing options
This can help boost your average order value and improve your conversion rate
US $29.9/mo.
Or US $209.3/yr and save $149.5
Daily views of insights
Find product in ads
15 ads
Store analysis
10 stores
Daily competitor's live orders view
US $79.9/mo.
Or US $559.3/yr and save $399.5
Daily views of insights
Find product in ads
50 ads
Store analysis
25 stores
Daily competitor's live orders view
US $149.9/mo.
Or US $909.3/yr and save $889,5
Daily views of insights
Find product in ads
100 ads
Store analysis
50 stores
Daily competitor's live orders view
Frequently asked questions
Highlighting your strengths is important. Let's offer potential customers a clear view of what sets you apart from the competition.
What is Zopi Product Researcher ?
Zopi Product Researcher (previously known as AliHunter) is a tool designed to assist online sellers, particularly those involved in dropshipping, by providing valuable data and insights on products from AliExpress.
It stands out with features that help users find high-demand, low-competition products with high margins. Advanced algorithms analyze millions of AliExpress products to offer accurate profitability data, making the tool easy to use and highly effective.
How accurate is the data?
Like any other predictive tool, our estimates are based on various sources of data. We're always working to improve how we combine this data to infer sales and revenue. While we cannot guarantee that our data is 100% accurate, our clients have constantly expressed their satisfaction with the correctness of our data.
May I know the best product ideas for beginners?
Finding the best product ideas for your dropshipping business is easy with the Expert's Choice feature in Product Researcher.
It is designed to help you find the most popular and profitable product ideas curated by a team of professional experts.
How can I identify the correct supplier?
Focus on suppliers with high product quality, which is essential for customer satisfaction. Review the ‘Positive Feedback’ and ‘Seller rating’ tabs to gauge reliability. Ensure the supplier offers good shipping fees and speed to maintain a positive customer experience. Use the ‘Store Selling’ tab to compare different suppliers’ delivery times and costs.
Additionally, verify return policies to avoid complications, and if possible, order samples to assess quality and service firsthand.